End of the Sabbatical

We set up Artisan Audio in 2006 to offer British audiophiles an alternative to the solid state/suspended chassis orthodoxy.

We introduced good, affordable horn speakers, artisan built tonearms, valve electronics and solid turntables. Visitors to shows praised our demos.

We were asked to import more brands. During the economic downturn many of those manufacturers were stretched and struggled to meet their commitments. Some made compromises we weren’t happy with.

Our pricing policy was always to offer imported products at the cost of buying the item in the home market and shipping it to the UK.  Our prices were about 30% less than if we had used the traditional UK import pricing model. Prospective customers still expected discounts! Some booked demos and didn’t turn up. Others came for demos and ripped off our CDs and interconnects. The risks and rewards were out of balance and it was no longer fun.

In short, we didn’t need the stress, so we devoted our time instead to non-audio business activity.

Now rejuvenated, we are back, working only  with the most reliable and trusted manufacturers.